LET IT BLOCK was created by

​ ​

California natives Pauline Takahashi Saunders and David Dorcich.


Always kids at heart and living lives that were shaped by the music we listened to, the clothes we wore, the clubs we danced at and the beaches we went to, we wanted to create a lifestyle sun care brand that encompassed those things that helped shape who we are today. We wanted a sunscreen that was safe for you, the ocean and its sea life. The more we learned about sunscreens, the more we learned of the importance of using minerals as the active ingredient. When it comes to the ocean, and your own health, this is what you should look for, this is what prompted us to create LET IT BLOCK SUNSCREENS.


LET IT BLOCK aims to inspire the use of our sunscreens, in the city, at the beach, in the desert, mountains or any activity with exposure to the sun. Our sunscreens are mineral based, paraben free, protect against both UVA and UVB rays, provide water resistant protection for up to 80 minutes and are FDA approved for everyday use.


Our focus is to deliver quality, ingenuity, and trustworthiness in our sun care products, with an uncompromising standard using high quality ingredients.


Our 3 oz. "TSA approved size", recyclable compact pouch with an easy to use flip cap produces less plastic waste and has a smaller environmental footprint compared to a traditional plastic container. 


Whatever your jam is, stay cool, and...GET YOUR BLOCK ON!



​✴Pauline and David